If you live in a climate where snow is common (or even uncommon like in our southern states), winter can bring extra stress to your roof. Whether you’re used to harsh winters or hate getting an inch or two each year, we’ve got a few roofing tips to keep your home in great condition throughout the winter — and beyond.

Look at your gutters.

During pre-winter roofing inspections, you absolutely want your mind to be in the gutter. Why? Because one of the first places water, snow or ice will free and build up is your gutter. A general rule of thumb is that if you see icicles hanging from your gutters, you likely already have a build-up. Gutter damage can compound other roofing issues, especially as gutters start to tear away from your home. Cleaning out gutters or handling ice dams can help prevent larger issues.

Ensure your flashing and shingles are good.

Flashing — the thin pieces of metal used to help waterproof areas of your roof — is an important part of getting water away from important areas of your home. Over time, flashing can get loose or warped, making it less effective in moving water out.

Shingles are also important. If any are chipped or missing, get them replaced. Damaged or missing shingles can let moisture build up on your roof. That damage can leave your ceiling exposed, and no one wants a leaking ceiling for Christmas.

Check your attic’s insulation.

“Wait, isn’t this blog about roofs?” Yes, but as we’ve mentioned before, the health of a roof can be tied to the health of an attic. If your attic lacks good ventilation, it can expose your roof to more damage from winter elements. Inconsistent airflow can allow for ice dams to build up on the roof.

Get an inspection before the cold sets in.

You can do a lot on your own, but when it comes to roofing help, hire professional roofers like the ones at Results Roofing. At Results Roofing, we know firsthand that quality roofs can protect families during the bitter cold of winter. If you’re worried about any issues with your roof, give us a call at 214-505-1442 for a no-fee, zero-obligation, free inspection on your roof to protect your home today!