Ah, the roofing industry — just a bunch of dudes in jeans who hop onto your roof, barely talk to you, and then leave without a word, right? Absolutely not! (And if this has been your experience with other roofing companies, we apologize on their behalf!) Roofing is full of misconceptions. It’s an industry that, granted, has developed a few stereotypes. But at Results Roofing, the leading roofing company in DFW and surrounding areas, we’re all about breaking those stereotypes for the sake of the customer. Here are 5 misconceptions we’ve heard about roofing — and the cold hard truth behind the myths. 

Your roof is good as long as you don’t have any leaks.

The truth: There’s a lot that goes into a roof’s health that you can’t see unless you’re a trained pro. Leaks are the clearest sign of needing to call someone, but there are also preventative measures you can take to ensure the leaks don’t happen in the first place. Moss growth, sagging, dropping, or gutter issues can all be signs of potentially larger roofing issues. 

All roofing companies are comprised of burly, unprofessional men. 

The truth: First, let us start by saying that if this has ever been your experience with a roofing company, we’ll apologize on behalf of that roofing company for ruining your expectations. The Results Roofing team prides itself on breaking stereotypes like this one with our professionalism and accessibility. 

There’s also a growing percentage of women in the roofing industry. In fact, there are national organizations like National Women in Roofing strategically created to help women excel in the space. At Results Roofing, we prioritize having a diverse workforce — all unified with the goal of giving great customer service and roofs that last. 

Roofing help is only needed after a storm. 

Yes, roofing companies get a lot of calls after storms, especially some of the ones that rip through the DFW area. However, post-storm cleanup shouldn’t be the only time you call a roofer. Keep track of how old your roof is, and know what types of materials went into your roof. That will determine the lifespan of your roof. It’s better to be proactive than reactive; your roof protects you and your family. 

All shingles all created equal. 

Shingle types actually have different lifespans depending on the environments around the home! For most houses, asphalt shingles are generally the “best” choice, but other shingle types like metal, slate or wood can improve the lifespan of your roof. These shingles might also be better at handling weather conditions specific to your area. 

I can DIY my roofing issues!

We believe homeowners are capable of handling a lot of things on their own, but roofing shouldn’t be one of them. Not only does DIY roofing often compound issues or not fully solve a problem, it can also lead to injury! 

At Results Roofing, we know firsthand that quality roofs can protect families and even save lives. If you’re worried about any issues with your roof, give us a call at 214-505-1442 or no-fee, zero-obligation, free inspection on your roof to protect your home today!