Finding a roofing contractor can be an important decision for any roof work you need to do. Whether it’s fixing a roof after a major storm or replacing your roof after decades of wear and tear, your roof repair has to be done with care and quality. (It’s what protects you and your loved ones, after all.) At Results Roofing, we’ve seen and heard a variety of horror stories from clients who’ve come to us dissatisfied with previous work. We encourage everyone — even if they don’t partner with our team — to ask these five questions about any roofing contractor. 

Does this roofing contractor have insurance?

This is arguably the most important question any homeowner could ask of a potential roofing contractor. Mistakes can be costly, and homeowners don’t want to be the ones stuck with the bill. Homeowners can feel secure when they know the contractor is insured. 

How close are they to my house? 

We’re not saying there aren’t great roofing contractors outside of your hometown, but location can be a critical factor in how long it takes to complete a roofing project. By picking a contractor within your area, you get more assurance that they’ll fix issues faster and have a faster reaction time than a company outside of your area. If they’re not local, there’s less of a chance they’ll come back to make repairs in a timely manner. 

Does this company use stock photos on their website? Or are the photos from real homes?

We’re not saying stock photos are all bad! (There are some that can be downright fun!) But if your potential roofing partner doesn’t have recent photos from real home site work, you should be a little suspicious. At Results Roofing, we love being transparent about all the work we’re doing. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll find countless “site selfies” of us working hard to make someone’s roof the quality they deserve. 

What do the reviews say about this roofing contractor?

This should be one of your first stops when it comes to finding a roofing contractor. Be cautious if the company swears it has been around for a while but lacks any recent reviews. Do the reviews on their website sound too good to be true? If so, be sure to check Google Reviews, Yelp, and other review services that don’t allow for review monitoring. 

What does the culture seem like for this roofing contractor?

To us, this is a huge priority. Do roofing companies technically need to have a company culture to get the job done? No. But roofing companies that have a mission and abide by a set of values offer a few things that other companies don’t. First, they’re more likely to treat clients more like family rather than dollar signs. They’ll want to get to know you on a first-name basis instead of an account number. Second, they’ll be less likely to upsell you on superfluous services or cut costs by getting cheaper materials. And lastly, they’ll hold themselves accountable for doing good work. 

At Results Roofing, we believe our company culture influences the quality of services we provide. That’s a key reason we offer no-obligation consultations for anyone interested, because you deserve to have a thorough understanding of what your roof looks like — no strings attached. Schedule your free consultation on our site.