There are a ton of misconceptions about roofing that float around, but at Results Roofing, we’re in the business of correcting roofs and misconceptions. If you’ve heard any of these myths before, you’re not alone. As experienced roofing professionals in the DFW area, we’re plenty familiar with them. We’re here to set the record straight and give you the truth behind the most common misunderstandings we’ve heard about roofing.

You can install new shingles over old ones to save money.

Looking to save money on your roof? You might be tempted by this myth. Installing new shingles over existing ones might save you a little money now, but in a few months, you could be shelling out way more money than you planned. Why? Roofs can only sustain a certain amount of pounds per square inch (PSI). Adding more shingles can add weight to your roof that it wasn’t ready for. Adding those shingles to an already damaged roof could lead to structural collapse. On top of that, the moisture that hasn’t been addressed under your old shingles will only get worse by locking it in with new shingles.

Your roof only needs to be replaced if it leaks.

Sure, leaks are obvious signs that you need your roof replaced. However, they’re not the only ones. Professional roofers know what to keep an eye out for during inspections. They’re equipped to uncover potential problems before they turn into major repairs. In the case of water, once it gets into your roof, it can sink into other structural components. Beyond that, roofs require routine maintenance. If your roof is at the end of its lifespan, a roof replacement could help keep your family safer in the long run.

All shingles are the same.

This myth could cost you big time. Shingles vary greatly in materials and, thus, how long they last. Even the ones made of similar materials aren’t made with the same quality. Various brands have different quality and product expectations. Talk with roofing experts like the team at Results Roofing to get a better picture of how long you can expect your shingles to last.

Repairing a roof is always expensive.

This myth prevents a lot of homeowners who need a new roof from taking the right steps toward getting one. Yes, extensive repairs can become expensive, but many repairs can be quick and affordable. This is especially true if you take the proper precautions and respond to damage early on, rather than letting issues compound over time. When handled in a timely manner, experienced roofers can save you money and prevent more substantial damage.

Roofers are constantly unprofessional.

We try not to take this one personally, especially since we know that people have had rough experiences with sloppy roofing companies. At Results Roofing, our goal is to break the mold — both in roofing and in customer service.