Paintless dent repair (PDR) repairs dents and dings in a vehicle without the need for paint or fillers. It’s a popular choice for anyone wanting to keep their original paint job in pristine condition or just needing to get a ding out. Choosing a reputable PDR technician can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with this relatively new process. We’ll provide you with some tips on how to choose a reputable PDR technician.

Read reviews and ask for referrals

Reading reviews from previous customers is an excellent way to determine the quality of service provided by a PDR technician. We’re big fans of reviews at Results PDR because they give potential customers a feel for both quality of service and customer satisfaction. You can also ask for referrals from family and friends who have used the services of a PDR technician before. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the people you trust most.

Look for certifications and qualifications

Before hiring a PDR technician, check if they have the necessary certifications and qualifications to perform the job. A reputable tech or shop should be certified by a recognized institution, such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This ensures that the shop has the required knowledge and skills to perform PDR on your vehicle.

Check their experience

Experience is crucial when it comes to PDR. A reputable technician should have years of experience in the field, and they should be able to provide you with references from previous clients. While this won’t be an issue with everyone, you can also ask about their experience working with your specific type of vehicle.

Transparency on the quote

Before hiring a PDR tech or going to a PDR shop, request a quote for the repair work. You should be able to get a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, including the cost of labor and materials. Really great PDR shops will work with you to figure out any insurance needs as well. This will give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending on the repair.

Check their warranty

A reputable PDR technician should offer a warranty for their work. This will ensure that you’re protected in case of any issues or problems with the repair work. Make sure to read the warranty carefully and ask any questions you may have before hiring the technician.

Choosing a reputable PDR technician requires some research and due diligence, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! At Results PDR, we help people across the DFW area figure out an easier way to restore their car back to its original condition. Give us a call at 469-423-5665 or schedule an appointment with our team now.