Storms don’t target specific areas when they hit. Hail and debris hit and damage anything that gets in their way. Roofs and vehicles tend to feel the most impact, since they’re the most exposed to the elements. Getting two of your most valuable assets repaired typically means calling several companies, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s how using one company for storm damage repairs can save you time and money. 

Focus on Customer Service

Technical skill is important when it comes to getting your car or roof fixed, but it can only take a company so far. Look for a business that’s as focused on customer service as it is on licensing, training and other aspects of getting repairs done. A company that takes a customer-focused approach will provide a more holistic experience, rather than finding ways to nickel-and-dime customers. This will help you get your repairs done in a timely manner. In addition, some companies also deal with insurance claims. The more you can handle in one place, the less time the process will take. 

Fewer Insurance Headaches

Insurance is necessary, but in most cases, it feels like a necessary evil. It’s great to have until it’s time to use it. That’s where a company like Results Roofing comes in. We deal with the insurance company for you, whether you’re looking for repairs for your roof or your car. If you prefer to handle the insurance side yourself, our team will still be here to offer support and advice. We want to make sure you get the results you want while paying as little as possible out of pocket.

One Stop Shop for Storm Damage

When we started Results Roofing, our goal was to help clients avoid dealing with the typical headaches of contractor work and insurance negotiations. Our company was solely focused on helping customers with roof damage get their homes back in shape. However, we noticed that many of our customers who needed roof repairs on their homes also had damage elsewhere – mainly on their cars. 

When getting dents repaired, customers dealt with the same headaches. That led us to starting up Results Paintless Dent Repair. Some customers are willing to wait on roof repairs, but dents on their cars were ever-present eyesores. Our paintless dent repair team helps solve this more immediate problem, and our roof repair team is still there to help when the time comes. We are now one company that handles both, which helps us build stronger customer relationships. 

At Results Roofing and Results Paintless Dent Repair, customer service is the name of the game. We get customers the results they need quickly and without the hassle of calling around and dealing with multiple contractors. Experiencing storm damage in Dallas or the surrounding areas? Give us a call at 214-505-1442 or contact us online.