From hail storms to runaway grocery carts, dents happen. But can your car’s dents get fixed with paintless dent repair (PDR), or does it need traditional dent repair? Here’s a quick guide to “green lights” that PDR is the right solution for your car dents.

There aren’t holes in the car body.

This is the most obvious issue to look for around any dent. Holes in the car body are red flags that more work is needed. Unfortunately, if your dent led to holes in your body, you won’t be a candidate for PDR. If you don’t see any holes, you might be able to fix the issue with paintless dent repair!

The paint hasn’t cracked.

This is a great sign that your dent can qualify for PDR. After all, “paintless” is in the name. The fix has to be something that doesn’t involve paint cracking. Cracking issues need to go to a traditional body shop for work, but if your dent doesn’t have any signs of cracking, you’re one step closer to an easy PDR fix.

The dent is relatively shallow.

The depth of a dent will determine how much of your vehicle’s body panel will be affected. Deeper dents can often compromise the integrity of the body, even if that dent is resolved. The deeper the dent, the less likely it is to return back to its original shape.

Your car’s dent looks smooth or round.

Think of what a soda can looks like when you squeeze it. Those round dents can often be squeezed again to restore the can to its original shape. Smoother dents like those on your car are a pretty clear sign that your vehicle can benefit from paintless dent repair.

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